Esther grew up on a dairy farm in Taranaki, New Zealand, and her love of atmospheric & soft, dreamy realities is surely a throwback to this rural world.

“I remember picnics, blackberry picking and making huts under hedges – I never had trouble filling my time.”

Her portraits may have soft lines, chalky hues and moody enigma, or bright pops of colour to show humour and energy. Esther’s striking style unites her creative eye, her fluid use of colour and her knack of capturing people with a hint of mystery and layers of life.

She draws her inspiration from the people she photographs and while she’s a sucker for a smile with her day-to-day work, she’s at her happiest when she can introduce a touch of blur, movement or layering to an image. Her strength is being able to join the dots using people’s stories as a starting point.

Esther’s self-confessed shyness is undoubtedly a part of her reflective imagery however years of photographing weddings (not to mention having three younger sisters!) have taught her how to gently coerce and boss people around, when required, for a great photograph.

“I love creating images that celebrate the gift that we are, and what is treasured in people‘s lives…images that are a reflection of the beauty in each of us. I think that sometimes we all struggle to see this within ourselves.’

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