Infocus Day 1 straight after happy hour… Join seven top photographers as they take us on a journey into the world of photobooks and publishing. A jam packed hour of practical tips, inspiration and behind the scenes stories.


Award-winning professional photographer Glen Howey grew up in Christchurch, and as a boy he played rugby at Lancaster Park, now AMI Stadium, which was damaged by the 2011 earthquake and is now closed.
A full-time professional photographer, he specialises in documentary, travel and landscape photography and also teaches at the Photo School in Wellington. In his own time he’s always loved photographing uninhabited buildings, finding an ‘eerie beauty’ in abandoned sites.

“I genuinely felt like I was walking through an unseen history. History that has been hidden from us, not deliberately, just for safety reasons – but it’s a story that needs to be told. I feel exceptionally privileged to have seen the things I saw. It’s sad, it’s fascinating… I was moving around inside their world and that’s why I walked very delicately. I was very gentle in the way I approached things because they deserved that, they needed that. I was walking around in people’s memories.”




“Nathan is a photographer and story designer, and the founder of Self Titled Studios, a magazine design business that wraps your everyday moments, and your epic lifetime events, into something tactile, accessible, and beautiful. He has a small team of creatives who never say no to new ideas or impossible concepts, and are all disturbingly passionate about typography. Nathan is art over science, and people over profit, and believes we all have exceptional life stories to tell.





Is New Zealand born, multi-award winning travel and landscape photographer. He is a Canon Master, a Grand Master of both the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography. Mike has 35 years’ experience as an international professional Photographer and an international awards judge for 20 years and has lectured and given workshops to professional photographers for over 30 years. He has published over 26 books.



Simon Devitt ( b.1973) is a photographer born on a bed of pine needles to a high priestess. He is based in Auckland, New Zealand. His practice focus is Architecture.

Simon will talk about photo-book making and publishing, citing his experiences making Portrait of a house and his latest self published photo- book Rannoch for which he recently won NZ Photo Book of the Year.




Craig Wetjen initiated the Men’s Shed Photography Project in 2010. Its aim is to increase awareness of men’s health issues—mental and physical—by documenting how the iconic backyard shed is a space not only for fixing things but also the men inside them. Most of the men captured in these images struggled to articulate what their sheds mean to them. In these cases images can speak more powerfully than words. The Project has now been published and titled ‘Men and Their Sheds’.




Jake Thomas is a bogan Aussie, who married a kiwi beauty and has 3 amazing kids, who to his frustration consider themselves kiwis kids! Back in 2011, Jake moved to Waihi New Zealand from Newcastle Australia, to make ice-cream but ended up back in the wedding industry. In 2012 and 2014 he was awarded NZIPP Creative Wedding Photographer of the Year.

For past year he and his family have been volunteering at a freedom business in Kolkata India. A business that provides freedom to women through employment that were trapped in the sex industry of Kolkata.



Somewhere between being a Dad, playing squash, chain-sawing down trees, managing a farm and volunteer work for both the police and St johns Ambulance I have managed to fit in the odd wedding and portrait. I have some how turned my profession as a photographer back into a hobby allowing me more time to think about donuts and KFC and what style to wear my hair in.

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